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Nogales Dates welcomes you to a new and exciting way to play. You can have a date with a beautiful Mexican Senorita that will make you feel like you have known her for weeks. In another words, you feel like you have already had that first, good, but uncomfortable first fuck, now it is time to have some real good sex.

Like any date, you should go out for dinner and maybe a little time at a club. It doesn't take much money in Mexico to have a good time, but it goes along way to making your date comfortable and ready to respond to your needs. Don't be an idiot, respond to her needs too!

Believe me, I know for a fact, that you will spend little in comparison to what you would spend searching the internet, bars and churches for date that may or may not get you laid. The Mexican Senoritas have been brought up in a different culture that has taught them that sex is a good, fun thing to have. When a chica gets mad in Mexico they yell a lot and maybe throw a pan, but they do not deprive themselves of sex!

MX-Date is the place to go for a great discreet time, we hope not too discreet, we are counting on your referrals to make this a super website.




Thanks for writing. What a concept you have here, I hope it catches on and you can keep it going! It's very rare that I have enough free time to do something on my own but I can promise you that the next time I do I will definitely be emailing to schedule another date...

As for Itzel, do not lose this lady! She is an absolute little princess, and I would love to see her again! Days went by and I could not get her off my mind. Some of my co-workers even commented about me seeming distracted, and asked if everything was OK. Now I have to explain to my wife my sudden interest in trying to learn to speak Spanish!

I have no hard feelings against Itzel for having to leave (though I do wish she hadn't), I understand that family are important and come before anything else. I'm glad it all worked out ok. I actually was afraid she was upset with me because we were having a good time at the hotel bar and having lost track of time, when we decided to go eat discovered the restaurants had closed. Maybe next time I'll ask Daniel to text me a reminder about an hour before they all close! lol.

Thanks again,




I just got back to Colorado after a few weeks work in Tucson. Just wanted to comment on my experience. Lilly was great and Daniel took good care of me. Don't know what you pay Daniel, but he is worth every bit. I probably would have returned on Saturday, even though I had wanted to stay. Daniel came up with one more option, and did so in a manner that was non pressure. I wish I could have given him a tip when I left, but he said it was no problem. I probably would not stay at the Caribbean again as the first hotel was much nicer. Thanks again and hopefully will be back soon.