Nogales Dates

One Night-One Weekend-or More

Fee Schedule

The Fee Schedule was negotiated to include all the costs associated with vetting the dates to insure not only your complete pleasure and safety (no husbands, jealous boyfriends, etc.) and comfort. The fee includes a meet and greet to guarantee that you and your Senorita are compatible. A tour of the area, to confirm that the hotel standards, the restaurant and bar meets your needs.

The fees are paid through PayPal for your protection so that you are not ripped off or taken advantage of by anyone. All fees are paid to Nogales Dates employees and Senoritas after your date, once again to insure that you  are protected. You are guaranteed that services are provided as promised!

Description and Fees

* Includes standard room in clean, comfortable hotel, upgrades available for upscale hotels in Nogales. There are upgrades available for bigger rooms and room service: $20 per night and Executive Suite $40 per night. More information available upon request.